A highly motivated Irish-Australian.

I grew up in Dublin, Ireland. I am fortunate enough to have been brought up by a hardworking and loving Irish family. Our family home is located right next to the Sutton Golf club. I have always loved the game, so I became a professional golf coach.

My passion has always revolved around real estate & cars, so I set up a business specialising in sales of sports cars. I then used the profits from this business to purchase my first investment property in 2004. In 2009 I decided to leave Ireland and move to Australia. Since then I have worked with an unbreakable burning desire to build financial success and to help others achieve their goals. I have 2 university degrees but the most valuable knowledge I have gained is from dealing with and addressing my client needs on a daily basis. From first home buyers to local & international investors, I have been able to consistently fine tune my strategy to make sure I deliver on their expectations.

My methodology is simple, there is no better form of advertising then repeat or referral business. Transparency, trust & rapport are the keys to long lasting relationships.
My aim is not just to connect you to a variety of properties or sell your property quickly. My goal is to help you understand the market and to help you determine true potential of the sale, purchase or investment. Sharing market insight, trends and other data has also helped my clients with their decision process to maximise their profits.

I pride myself on implementing my learnings to help my clients avoid common mistakes, and fast tracking them toward financial freedom.


I make purchasing & investing in real estate easy & simple.

There is beauty in simplicity. I buy & sell every type of real estate in Melbourne

  • Residential
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Commercial

Off Market

I sell quality real estate assets off market utilising an efficient pool of buyers from my database and through my connections.

I can assist you with sourcing any type of real estate in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

I also have a terrific broad network of professionals from every industry which will provide outstanding service at a discounted rate once I make an introduction.  I believe in only working with the best and I am always happy to share this professional network with my clients. Contact me if you require assistance hiring a quality, Tradesmen, Car sales executive, accountants, finance providers, visa immigration the list goes on!

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  • My client experience with Marc has been exceptional. He is personable, engaging and highly professional. I feel he has a lot of integrity and makes a genuine effort to ensure that the purchase is a success for both parties. He keeps in touch and has been a pleasure to deal with throughout the entire purchase experience.
    Simon Lovegrove Industry Relationships Director MRICS, AAIQS
  • My daughter in Brisbane took me to check out an investment property, The Johnson at Spring Hill where we met Marc Woolfson, the Sales Manager! He gave us an honest full disclosure on the available units we were looking to buy! Very professional, always return calls and text messages! He handles Sales Contract delivery’s very well after we arrived home in Sydney! Yes, Marc is an asset to Asian Pacific Group! A Sale personnel who always have time for a small time investor!!! Even our two friends in Sydney agree that Marc always returns their calls, which gives them peace of mind!!! Trust Marc he is great!
    Adeline Yee Unit 807
  • A quick email to compliment you on the professional and courteous manner in which you have provided us as we progressed to finalizing our lease at The Johnson in Brisbane. Your efforts and guidance has been appreciated and has also provided confidence on our future property investment with you. Once again we thank you for your efforts.
    Ross Spanbroek Managing Director

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